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About Us

I love fabric! I know you do too. I love to have fun. Who doesn't? I love colour. I bet you do too. Colour makes me happy. I want you to be happy too. Everyone deserves to be happy. I love to sew and create homemade crafts & clothes for my loved ones. You probably do too. It shows them in a tangible way that I love them. Everyone deserves to be loved. I love simplicity. I like living a simple life. There is beauty in simplicity. I like adding beauty to this world. I love contemporary sewing projects. Contemporary sewing is simple in design, just like me. I started Fabric Spot because I couldn't find modern, designer fabrics at reasonable prices in Canada. Fabric Spot offers you fresh, modern, designer fabrics at great prices and great shipping rates.

Fabric Spot  is my family run business of five, with three of us under the age of nine. Hopefully, we will always be this way. I believe in the importance of family. My family is my raison d'être. I believe that we have to respect and protect our planet. It's the only home we have. Fabric Spot carries the largest online inventory of organic fabrics in Canada. If I had a magic wand, all fabrics would be organic. I believe in The Golden Rule. Our customers are treated the way I would want to be treated if I was a customer. I value my customers. Without you, there is no us! I believe in working hard and always giving my best. I will work hard for you and always give you my best. I love Fabric Spot! I hope you do too. 

Fabric Spot is my new adventure in life. Come join me on this exciting adventure!


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