Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy from Fabric Spot?

There are several reasons why you should buy your fabric and patterns from Fabric Spot.

  • We offer a wide range of modern designer fabrics that may be difficult to find in your local quilt shop or from a Canadian online retailer.
  • We carry the largest online selection of organic fabrics in Canada.
  • We carry a huge in stock inventory of solid fabrics, including organic fabrics. 
  • Because we are based in Canada, as a Canadian fabric lover and shopper, you will not be charged any extra duties, taxes or handling fees.
  • We offer competitive shipping rates and free shipping within Canada with total orders >$150, before taxes and after discounts.
  • We're generally nice people!  :)


2. What is a Fat Quarter?

A Fat Quarter is a popular way for quilters to buy fabric. It is a pre-cut piece of fabric that measures approximately 18 x 21 inches. You will see them sold as "Fat Quarter Bundles." That is, a bundle of pre-cut Fat Quarters of coordinating fabrics. This is an easy way to get matching fabrics to create a beautiful project.

Fat Quarter is made by cutting a yard of fabric into four equal parts. The standard width of a piece of fabric is about 44 inches. Thus, a yard of fabric will be 36 x 44 inches. This yard of fabric is then cut into four equal pieces, each measuring 18 x 21 inches, creating four Fat Quarters. If you cut a quarter of a yard, along the length of the fabric, you would end up with a skinny strip of fabric that is 9 x 44 inches (i.e. length is 1/4 of 36 inches). 

The advantages of a Fat Quarter (as opposed to a "Skinny Quarter") are:

  • Greater versatility (e.g. for projects requiring pieces larger than 9 inches, applique, prints with directionality)
  • For large scale prints, you will get more of the print.
  • Because they are often sold in bundles, they're an easy way to create a project with coordinating fabrics and an easy way to add to your stash of fabrics for future projects.


3. What is a Charm Pack, a Layer Cake or a Jelly Roll?

A Charm Pack is a pre-cut package of fabric squares, each measuring 5 x 5 inches. They usually contain at least one print of the entire collection. They are an easy and affordable way of getting coordinating prints from the entire collection. As well, 5 x5 inch squares are commonly used in quilting. 

A Layer Cake is similar to Charm Packs except that each square is 10 x 10 inches. Typically, a Charm Pack or Layer Cake contains 42 pieces of fabric however, the number may vary.

A Jelly Roll is a sponge cake filled with a jelly or jam....just joking! That is what a Jelly Roll normally refers to but here in the sewing/quilting world, a Jelly Roll is a pre-cut package of fabric strips, each strip measuring 2 1/2 x 44 inches. They usually contain 40 strips but again this number may vary. Also, they typcally contain at least one print of fabric from the entire collection.

There are quilt books with patterns dedicated to creating quilts and other projects based on Charm Packs, Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls with a little extra yardage thrown in. They are an easy way to whip up a quick quilt. 


4. How wide is the fabric you sell?

All fabrics are 44/45 inches in width unless otherwise noted.


5. How is the fabric sold?

Our fabric is sold by the YARD (36 inches).  Prices are listed in CANADIAN dollars.


6. Can I order less than a yard?

Yes, of course you can! Our minimum quantity for a cut of fabric is a 1/4 yard and we sell in 1/4 yard increments. If you order 1/4 yard (0.25 yard) this will be cut as a Fat Quarter  (18 x 21 inches) unless you tell us otherwise via e-mail.


7. When will my order be shipped to me?

Your order will be processed and packaged in 1-3 business days. An e-mail will be sent to you once your ordered has been shipped.


8. Where are you located?

Fabric Spot is a Canadian ONLINE ONLY retail fabric store. WE DO NOT HAVE A REGULAR RETAIL LOCATION. Our warehouse is  located in Markham, Ontario which is just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our MAILING address is: 8865 Woodbine Avenue, Unit D3, Suite #129, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5G1.  We can offer pick up by appointment only. Please contact us at to book a pick up appointment.


9. I like being able to see and touch the fabric first before I buy. Do you have fabric swatches available?

Yes, we do! E-mail me which fabrics you are interested in and I would be happy to send you free fabric swatches by standard letter mail, up to a maximum of 5. After 5 swatches, there is a minimal fee. Contact me for details. 


10. How do I pay for my order? 

We accept payment from credit cards (e.g. VISA, Mastercard) and PayPal accounts. 


11. Is your website "secure"? I've been told to only purchase from websites showing a padlock symbol or "https".

All of our payments are processed through PayPal which is a secure server. Payments are not processed through the Fabric Spot website server. The Fabric Spot website does not store any credit card information on it. When you come to our checkout page, you will notice that the "padlock" symbol appears as does the letters "https", indicating that it is a "secure" site on which to enter your information. 


12. Why may your inventory sometimes not be exact on the product page?  (e.g. "I ordered 2 yards because your inventory stated that you had 2 yards in stock but you actually only have 1 yard in stock!!")

Unfortunately, sometimes our inventory number is inexact. This is because we sometimes sell at trade shows and have open warehouse sales  in which case, the sold inventory at these events may not be immediately updated on our website because it was not sold online. We thank you for your understanding and flexibilty when these instances occur.


13.  What are the washing instructions for my organic coton fabrics?

Birch Organic Fabrics recommends that their fabric is washed on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colurs using a fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergentthat is preferably, environmentally friendly. Fabrics may be dried on a low cycle, or even better, hang dried.


14. I bought some fabric yesterday and now I see it's on sale. May I have a price adjustment?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer any price adjustments on previously purchased items. This also applies to any invoices with Pre-Ordered items. In the event, that while waiting for your Pre-Ordered item to arrive in stock, the price of an In Stock item that you had purchased on the same invoice goes on sale, we cannot make any price adjustments/refunds for those items. This is another reason we recommend that you purchase any Pre-Ordered items on a separate invoice.


15. Why doesn't my fabric colour look exactly like what's on my computer screen at home? 

Please be aware that not all computer screens represent colours the exact same way. There may be some slightly variation. To avoid disappointment, you may email us and ask for a fabric swatch prior to purchasing. We provide up to 5 complimentary swatches.